What to sell — and what not to sell — at consignment shops — Savings Experiment

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What to Sell -- and What Not to Sell -- at Consignment Shops

Did you know? There are places called consignment shops where you can buy and sell your unwanted items. With a few easy tips, you can boost your profits on your next visit.

First, find a shop that stocks items similar to the ones you’re trading in. The easier they can sell it, the more they’ll pay.

Clothing resale shops tend to pay best for things that are in season, so bring in those tank tops in the summer if you want the best deal.

And don’t forget to clean up your items before you bring them in. This can get you up to 25 percent more on your sale. Any stains, scuffs or missing pieces like buttons or laces can not only hurt your profit — stores may even decline your trade-in entirely.

So no matter what you’re trying to sell, just a little know-how can get you big bucks.


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