Woman says Dolphins coach Chris Foerster was doing cocaine at work

The woman who exposed Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster by releasing a video of him snorting cocaine shared many more details about their relationship and her motivation for the leak. She also says the coach is a habitual drug user who kept cocaine in his desk at work.Kijuana Nige spoke Wednesday with ESPN(…)

Sharon Osbourne Reveals Ozzy Didn’t Cheat With Only One Woman — ‘There Were Six Of Them’!

Oof! We never realized it was this bad! When we learned about Ozzy Osbourne cheating on Sharon Osbourne with their hairdresser last year, and the divorce plans that followed (but were never followed through), we thought we’d heard it all. But while it’s true infidelity is infidelity, it actually can get worse… And in this(…)