Peter Kraus: Was Rachel Lindsay Just Playing Me the Whole Time?

The Bachelorette‘s big finale was brutal and intense. Watching Rachel make her final choice was like watching someone order mushrooms and sardines as their pizza toppings when there’s perfectly good barbecue chicken and bacon as an option. Well, while Peter Kraus decides if he wants to be the Bachelor while nursing a wounded heart, he’s reportedly(…)

Acrobat Performing At Green Day Show Plummets 100 Feet To His Death — And The Whole Thing Is Caught On Camera

This is the worst. Pedro Aunion Monroy, a 42-year-old acrobat from Brighton, United Kingdom, fell more than 100 feet to his death on Friday night during a Green Day performance at the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, Spain. Related: Green Day Brings Out An Anti-Trump Protest Song Worse still, the accident — which took place(…)

Pilot Begs For ‘Common Decency’ After Post-Election Fight Breaks Out At 35,000 Feet! Watch Video Of The Whole Thing HERE!

Tensions are still VERY high after the election! On a flight this week — reportedly on a United Airlines ride from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico — two passengers got into some kind of altercation over politics and had to be separated and reprimanded by the plane’s captain!! Related: Trump Is ALREADY Walking Back(…)