Miley Cyrus’ Younger Now Vid Pays Tribute To Past Music Videos That Shaped Her As An Artist — Watch & Hear The New Song HERE!

Can you both hate and love something at the same time?? On Thursday evening, Miley Cyrus released her new single, titled Younger Now, and sadly we’re not feeling it. Now, we don’t outright hate the track, but we feel it’s slightly overproduced. We mean, aside from the fact that the chorus is totally lacking, Miley’s(…)

Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black’s Wedding Video WILL Bring You To Tears! Watch HERE!

Beautiful… just beautiful! As we reported, Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black got married on May 6, 2017 at the Bovey Castle in Devon, England in front of 120 guests. On Sunday, after recently going on their honeymoon, the Olympian decided to post their gorgeous wedding video, where profits will be donated to two LGBT(…)

Whoa! Watch This Kid Belt Out An INCREDIBLE Rendition Of Let It Go In Front Of Idina Menzel!

This is AH-Mazing!!! Idina Menzel is fond of pulling audience members on stage for duets, but we don’t think she was quite ready for this when she pulled 11-year-old Luke Chacko up to sing Frozen with her! Related: Whoa! The Original Frozen Is Dark AF!! It was at a concert in Grand Prairie, Texas when(…)

Former Mexican President Drops The F-BOMB On CNN Over Trump’s Fucking Wall — Watch!

This week, it was revealed that Donald Trump had a tense phone call with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto back in January over — what else? — who would pay for his stupid wall. According to leaked transcripts, Nieto stood firm that Mexico wouldn’t be footing the bill for Trump’s golden campaign promise, which caused(…)

YouTube Sensation Gigi Gorgeous Says She Was ‘Misgendered’ In Jerusalem! WATCH!

We are so sorry she had to go through this! On Tuesday, YouTube sensation Gigi Gorgeous shared a video she shot earlier where she discusses an “embarrassing” incident that happened during her trip to Israel around June of this year. Related: Gigi Never Thought She’d ‘Fall For A Girl’ Kylie Jenner‘s friend explains: “This is(…)

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Honors The ‘Very Kind’ & ‘Gentle Soul’ Chester Bennington — WATCH

Chester Bennington‘s colleagues are still reeling from the Linkin Park singer’s suicide on July 20. In an interview with 95.5 KLOS on Sunday, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich had nothing but fond things to say about his late pal. The musician said: “Chester was a very kind and very unassuming and very gentle soul, who had(…)

This Youngster With Down Syndrome Inspires Millions As He Fearlessly Belts Along To Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing! Watch!

Whitney Houston is still touching souls even from beyond the grave. Most recently, the late singer’s ’93 hit I Have Nothing was heard by 19 million+ people thanks to one young fan. Specifically, a nine-year-old with Down syndrome, named Dane Miller, has captured the attention of the internet after he was filmed belting out to(…)

The A Wrinkle In Time Trailer Has Arrived — Watch The Dazzling, Star-Studded Teaser HERE!

This is going to be EPIC! On Saturday, during the D23 Expo, Disney dropped the first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated film adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time. YASSSSSS! Related: Avan Jogia Is Being Considered For The Lead In Aladdin! The movie, which is set to premiere in March 2018, has quite the all-star(…)

Watch John Oliver on Why He’s So Confused About Trump’s ‘Pathetic’ Twitter Attack on Him

Comedian John Oliver has become an official honoree in Stephen Colbert’s new “Trump Attacked Me on Twitter” Hall of Fame. The ever-incisive Oliver took a moment to reflect on the confusing “meaningless lie” in the tweet that got him into the illustrious Hall — a fateful missive sent out back in October 2015. “John Oliver(…)

Andy Serkis Reads Donald Trump’s Tweets As Gollum — So Much Better! WATCH!

Question: How can you make Donald Trump‘s tweets even more of a joke? Answer: Have Andy Serkis read them as his famous character, Gollum! Stephen Colbert clearly has it all figured out! Watch the HIGHlarious impression at the 3:47 mark in the video (below)! [Image via CBS/Ben Kriemann/Future Image/WENN.] PerezHilton