VIDEO: Panthers fan punches, beats up on older Eagles fan during game

A disturbing video has surfaced, and it shows what a Panthers fan did to a fan of the visiting team during Thursday night’s game.Apparently, the Panthers fan and his lady friend were standing during the entire game, lobbing insults at the older Eagles fan sitting behind them. Eventually, for some reason, they snapped, and the(…)

Troubling video surfaces of Panthers fan raining blows on another fan

A video has surfaced that shows a Carolina Panthers fan sucker-punching another fan during Thursday night’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles. A game the Panthers would lose by five points, 28-23.According to Instagram user odubco, who posted the disturbing video, the man who threw the punches, and a woman who was with him, would not(…)

Chris Foerster resigns from Dolphins over cocaine video

Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster is handing in his resignation in the wake of a video surfacing that showed him using drugs before a team meeting.In a statement, Foerster apologized to the Dolphins organization and said he will be seeking help from medical professionals.“I am resigning from my position with the Miami Dolphins(…)

Twitter reacts to video of Dolphins offensive line coach allegedly using drugs

A video recently surfaced which appears to show Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster snorting lines of a white powdery substance (watch here), presumed to be cocaine.The Dolphins released a statement on the issue late Sunday night and said they’re “aware of the video and have no comment at this time.”Twitter users, however, had(…)

Gigi Hadid Apologized For Her Racist Video Over The Weekend — But Apparently Didn’t Want You To See It!

Gigi Hadid has been pretty silent about allegations of racism. She even disabled Instagram comments after the announcement she would be walking the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Fashion Show in Shanghai renewed the backlash for the February video. At least, she’s been quiet to her American fans. Related: Here’s Why Kendall Jenner Won’t Be Walking(…)

John Legend Is Looking For Fat Donald Trump Supporters For His Next Music Video!

Typecasting Middle America, or making a pointed statement at Donald Trump… or a little bit of both?! John Legend is reportedly searching for some folks who look like what you’re imagining a stereotypical Trump supporter to look… and that means white, old, and overweight! Related: John And Chrissy Explain Their ‘Challenge’ To Have More Kids!(…)