Sports & Politics Intersect: Trump’s NFL history gets spotlight as players, owners continue to spar

Front Five: The top stories that shaped both sports & politics this week “We immediately made it far more aggressive and anti-Toronto than the president ever envisioned, mostly because we didn’t have to worry about getting him crossways with the NFL.” – Michael Caputo, political strategist and Trump associate There’s this theory going around that Donald(…)

Immigration Hard-Liners Also Mad At Trump’s DACA Decision – For Being Too Soft

WASHINGTON ― While much of America criticized as heartless President Donald Trump’s decision to end protections for people brought to this country illegally as children, one slice of America is angry for the opposite reason: that it took too long and leaves too much wiggle room. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

More troops in Afghanistan, Trump’s Afghanistan policy leaves the devil in the detail, Cloud over Buhari’s return, Responsibility for fatal US Navy collisions, Conventional conservatism is rebounding

A roundup of global commentary for the Sept. 4, 2017 weekly magazine. Christian Science Monitor | All Stories