GOP Senator Speaks Out Against Trump AND The Republican Party For Supporting Him! Thankfully He’s Not COMPLETELY Alone…

FINALLY! Even if we don’t agree with Conservatives about much, there is certain common ground we’ve taken for granted — checks and balances, the American dream, the Bill of Rights… But under Donald Trump, all of that is under attack. So it’s about damn time one of the members of the party in power called(…)

Rihanna Can’t Keep Her Hands To Herself After Supporting Drake At His Miami Show!!

THEY’RE IN LOVE AND THEY DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT! Now that Drake and Rihanna‘s relationship is out in the open following Sunday night’s VMAs, the two have taken their love down south to Miami! On Tuesday night, the 28-year-old supported the Views rapper at his Florida show before the lovebirds were spotted getting nice(…)

Thousands Sign Petitions to ABC Supporting Jesse Williams After BET Speech

The supporters for Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams on far outnumber the critics who want him axed from the show after his powerful BET speech, as of Tuesday afternoon. Here’s a quick recap: When the Grey’s Anatomy actor won BET’s Humanitarian Award in June, he used it to deliver an impactful message concerning justice(…)

Cameron Diaz Talks About Supporting Friends After Drew Barrymore’s Split: ‘We Rely on Each Other’

Through thick and thin! Cameron Diaz touched on Drew Barrymore's impending divorce — and why having a close-knit group of girlfriends is important — during an appearance on … This article originally appeared on Cameron Diaz Talks About Supporting Friends After Drew Barrymore’s Split: ‘We Rely on Each Other’ Us Weekly Latest Celebrity News

Whoopi Goldberg SLAMS Ben Carson For Supporting Donald Trump — Watch HERE!

Tell ’em, Whoopi! Even though Donald Trump‘s former opponent Ben Carson is no longer in the race, he still decided to support his former rival. Well Carson is making the rounds as one of Donald’s brainwashed cheerleaders and on Thursday he stopped by The View to try to convince the ladies that the former Celebrity(…)