Punch-throwing Panthers fan arrested, charged with simple assault

The fan who was video taped sucker-punching a fellow Carolina Panthers fan Thursday night has been identified as Kyle Adam Maraghy. Furthermore, after working with the Panthers to identify Maraghy, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department announced Friday that he’s been charged with simple assault and being taken to jail. TMZ Sports reports Maraghy has been arrested(…)

Blac Chyna Has A REALLY Simple Message For Those Who Thinks She’s Back With Rob Kardashian

Two weeks ago, it looked like the pair might be back on. One week ago, things were too damn complicated for anyone to figure out what was going on. Two hours ago, well, we got the simple message we’ve all wanted in regards to Blac Chyna‘s future with Rob Kardashian. Related: BC Can Still SLAY(…)