Diddy says he’s looking to buy the Panthers for ‘Black America’

A memorable Chris Rock monologue from 2004 addresses the topic of richness vs wealth. “Shaq is rich,” Rock shouted, facing the audience with a knowing grin. “The white man who signs his check is wealthy.”After 14 years, it would appear that an African-American celebrity has finally taken Rock’s advice and is acquiring some wealth, namely(…)

Sean Payton says faulty monitor partially to blame for challenge decisions

Sean Payton took some heat for a pair of questionable challenge decisions in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s divisional round loss to the Minnesota Vikings, and he offered an interesting explanation for them afterwards.Following the 29-24 defeat, the New Orleans Saints head coach said that a faulty monitor in the team’s booth was partially to(…)

Kurt Warner says Johnny Manziel can battle his way back to NFL fame

Johnny Manziel is in many ways a sad product of our time. Mega-promoted by ESPN as a cocky boy-band superstar at Texas A&M, the quarterback wowed fans with his scrambling ability until unfortunate choices with drinking, drugs and gambling landed him in rehab…and out of the NFL.Kurt Warner, a former Super Bowl-winning gunslinger who has(…)