Expedia Preparing Trivago for IPO

Talk of a pending initial public offering of Expedia’s (NASDAQ: EXPE) majority-owned Trivago travel site initiated with the company’s second-quarter earnings release in late July. At the time, Expedia said it had agreed to explore the feasibility of a Trivago IPO, adding that should the decision be made to take the site public, it didn’t intend(…)

North West — Who Is Three Years Old — Is Already Preparing For The Olympics, According To Kanye!

Sounds like North West has some pretty high expectations to meet! Any time you have a child, you think everything that kid does is just the cutest thing in the world. (Well, until their teen years! Ha!!) And for Kanye West, that’s no different… it’s just taken to the extreme. Related: Kim Trashes Taylor Swift(…)