Report: Mike Mitchell got slap on wrist for dirty hit to Alex Smith’s knees

There was a report earlier this week that Pittsburgh Steelers safety Mike Mitchell was fined nearly $ 50,000 for a dirty hit to the knees of Alex Smith Sunday.For many, that fine wasn’t nearly enough punishment, as Mitchell clearly went after Smith’s legs well after the play was over — it was as blatantly dirty(…)

Mike Zimmer defends Anthony Barr for hit on Aaron Rodgers

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr was not flagged for the hit on Aaron Rodgers that resulted in the star quarterback breaking his collarbone, but that didn’t stop Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy for deeming the hit illegal. McCarthy’s counterpart disagrees with that assessment.On Monday, McCarthy said it was an “illegal act” for Barr(…)

Mike Mitchell on alleged cheap shot on Alex Smith: ‘I’m not a dirty player’

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Mike Mitchell attempted to clarify what many believe was a dirty hit on Alex Smith during Sunday’s 19-13 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. Mitchell claims the shot to the back of Smith’s knees came as a result of him “tripping” and “being pushed.”The play in question occurred during a play in(…)

Joe Namath disagrees with Mike Ditka’s comments about oppression

Mike Ditka is hearing a rebuttal from none other than Broadway Joe himself.In an appearance Tuesday on Fox News, legendary New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath disagreed with Ditka’s recent comments claiming that there was no oppression in modern society.“Going back to what Colin Kaepernick initially did, it was to point out some injustice that’s(…)