Charles Woodson sends ominous message to Raiders about Jon Gruden

Charles Woodson knows what kind of environment Oakland Raiders players will face when practices start under new head coach Jon Gruden. Hint: it’s not going to be easy, and people will lose their jobs if they don’t toe the line.Speaking about his own experience with Gruden, Woodson made it clear that the coach demands nothing(…)

Marvin Lewis sent Ochocinco funny text message after skateboarding mishap

Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco) got a funny text message from his former coach after a skateboarding mishap.Ochocinco tweeted on Friday that he had just fallen off his skateboard while attempting a trick. Video later surfaced of his wipeout: Ochocinco did note one silver lining to the mishap: The best part came when he received a(…)

Zach Miller posts heartfelt thank you message to medical teams, family and friends

A little more than one week after suffering a gruesome knee injury, Chicago Bears’ tight end Zach Miller took to Twitter to thank everyone who has supported him. Shortly after the surgery, the Bears put out a message announcing that it had been successful. It’s certainly nice to hear a positive update from Miller himself.At(…)

Benjamin Watson: NFL must do more than fine Ndamukong Suh to send message that sticks

As he’s done throughout his career, Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh crossed the line Thursday night against the Baltimore Ravens. He was called for two personal fouls and should have been called for three in the game. And at one point he legitimately choked backup Ravens quarterback Ryan Mallett. Anyone who’s followed Suh’s career(…)