Every Hat Trick in NHL History Added to Hockey Reference

We’re happy to announce that you can now find every Hat Trick in NHL history on Hockey Reference. We have integrated these additions across many sections of the site. For instance, in our Leaders section, we have added various Hat Trick leaderboards such as all-time career leaders, all-time postseason leaders, yearly Top 10s and single-season leaders.(…)

Jon Stewart Gives History Lesson On Nazis, Jews Controlling The Media, & ‘Fuckface’ Trump In Surprise Standup Set!

With the rise of Nazis and a president who seemingly encourages them, Jon Stewart is one voice we wish was still on TV. Thankfully, the comedian still got to weigh in on Donald Trump‘s widely-scorned reaction to the deadly Charlottesville rally during a guest appearance at Dave Chappelle‘s stand-up show at Radio City Music Hall.(…)

Is Happiness History?

Is there a connection between happiness and History–the tedious, sleep-inducing subject that I was forced to study year after year in school? I was generally a good student, but I remember the “D” on my fourth grade report card as if it was a pimple on my chin.    My dislike of History did not(…)

A bad election for Theresa May was good for democracy, Besides the snap election, what else cost the Tories?, Macron party’s primary victory is hope for Europe, Biden and Clinton presidential tilts would be troubling, Nadal reserves a place in history

A roundup of global commentary for the June 26, 2017, weekly magazine. Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

The Most Unlikely Couple In The History Of The Bachelor Franchise Is Now Married

Congrats to Evan Bass and Carly Waddell! Perhaps the most unlikely couple in the history of everything related to The Bachelor, the pair made things official this weekend with their low-key beach wedding near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Related: DeMario Jackson Says BIP Tapes Will Vindicate Him The ceremony was officiated by Chris Harrison, the host(…)