Bill Belichick’s girlfriend Linda Holliday has funny response to fan saying he’s on vacation

For Bill Belichick, “No days off” isn’t just a catch phrase, it’s a way of life.The Patriots head coach has been known to begin studying tape of NFL draft prospects just days after the team’s season has come to an end — even if they’ve won the Super Bowl — and he’s one of the(…)

CB Kendall Fuller has funny reaction to being part of Alex Smith trade

Kendall Fuller turned out to be the player included in the trade that sends Alex Smith to Washington, and that came as news to him.The Washington cornerback started with this response to Adam Schefter’s tweet that a third-round pick and unidentified player were being sent to Kansas City in exchange for Smith. But wait …(…)

Tom Brady has funny response when asked about negativity from media

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady excels at handling criticism from the media.Brady, no matter what type of question he’s asked by reporters, tends to remain unfazed when delivering an answer, and knows exactly what to say. Both he and head coach Bill Belichick are known for being great at answering questions — rather than declining to(…)

Tom Brady has funny comment about Roger Goodell’s extension

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was awarded a contract extension earlier in the week, receiving a five-year, $ 200 million deal, which produced many reactions on social media and elsewhere.Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was recently asked what he thought regarding the commissioner’s new deal, and he injected some humor into his response.Brady appeared on Westwood One(…)

Kirk Cousins has funny response to newspaper confusing him with DeMarcus Cousins

Aside from sharing the same last name, Kirk Cousins and DeMarcus Cousins are actually fairly similar, as far as their personality is concerned.Kirk has been known to get fired up occasionally — you all remember “you like that?” right?  Similarly, Boogie is a vocal leader, and he’s also seen his emotions get the best of(…)

Watch: Angry Brock Osweiler has funny outburst while trying to audible out of play

Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler lost his cool before one particular play in Sunday’s game against the Bengals, and it resulted in a pretty comical moment.It happened when the Broncos were in the red zone, looking to score a touchdown. Osweiler apparently didn’t like the play that was called, and he was heard saying the following(…)

Marvin Lewis sent Ochocinco funny text message after skateboarding mishap

Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco) got a funny text message from his former coach after a skateboarding mishap.Ochocinco tweeted on Friday that he had just fallen off his skateboard while attempting a trick. Video later surfaced of his wipeout: Ochocinco did note one silver lining to the mishap: The best part came when he received a(…)

Bears lineman tells funny story of Mitchell Trubisky cussing team out

Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky seems to have found a way to earn his teammates respect. By cussing them out. No, really.Chicago guard Josh Sitton relayed a funny story about sharing the huddle with Trubisky, and what he did when the team started to break the huddle early. This is just one of many(…)

Patriots DT Alan Branch gives funny explanation for why he left practice field

The New England Patriots’ defense may resemble a trash can on fire this season, but at least they still have Alan Branch and his personality.The veteran defensive tackle was spotted walking off the field during team practice on Friday and gave a funny explanation when he was asked afterwards why he did so, per Jeff(…)