Mike Evans issues statement of apology after suspension is upheld

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans was suspended after fighting with New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore in Week 9. On Tuesday, Evans’ one-game suspension was officially upheld by the NFL.Since then, Evans has issued this statement of apology for his actions in last Sunday’s game. Evans shoved Lattimore down to the ground in(…)


Jenelle Evans: Losing Custody of Children After Shocking New Drug Claims?!

Hey, you know how it’s been a little while since Jenelle Evans has really and truly gotten into some trouble? Well, forget that. After a year or two of keeping her nose relatively clean — no new arrests, no on-camera drug use, no gettin’ seen wif Kieffer — she’s now reclaiming her trainwreck status in the(…)


Jenelle Evans SLAMS Chelsea Houska’s Dad: Cram It, You Fat F-ck!

Jenelle Evans has never been a particularly even-tempered young woman, and at this point, there’s nothing surprising about the instability she demonstrates on just about every single episode of Teen Mom 2. But we do sometimes find ourselves caught off guard when she tears into someone on social media, and we’re reminded that no part(…)


Jenelle Evans Confirms Wedding Date, Reveals Details of Big Day

Back in 2016, we learned that Jenelle Evans and David Eason had gotten engaged. Fans were understandably skeptical, as this is at least the fifth time Jenelle has accepted a proposal, and only one of those previous engagements resulted in a (very short-lived) marriage. But this time, it seems Jenelle has every intention of saying(…)


Jenelle Evans: I Have Too Many Kids!

Have you ever noticed that even though Jenelle Evans has three children now, she's never seemed particularly maternal? Sure, she's managed to keep Kaiser and Ensley alive, and they seem like healthy, reasonably happy kids, but we've never really seen Jenelle enjoying being a mother, you know? After Jace was born, she took off night(…)