Jenelle Evans: Losing Custody of Children After Shocking New Drug Claims?!

Hey, you know how it’s been a little while since Jenelle Evans has really and truly gotten into some trouble? Well, forget that. After a year or two of keeping her nose relatively clean — no new arrests, no on-camera drug use, no gettin’ seen wif Kieffer — she’s now reclaiming her trainwreck status in the(…)

POLL: Judge Rules Dogs Shouldn’t Be Treated Like Family Members In Custody Dispute Case — What Do YOU Think??

We guess this judge isn’t much of a dog lover… Back in August, a Canadian judge issued a very controversial ruling on the case of a divorcing couple who couldn’t agree on the custody of their two dogs Kenya and Willow. Related: An Attorney Breaks Down The Topic Of Pet Custody! In the bizarre and(…)

Brad Pitt Requests Emergency Family Court Hearing In Order To SEAL All Documents Related To Custody War With Angelina Jolie!

Brad Pitt wants to keep his custody war with Angelina Jolie a private matter. On Tuesday, the Fight Club actor reportedly filed docs in family court in order to obtain an emergency hearing. Supposedly, the A-lister is planning to ask the judge to seal ALL of the documents and proceedings related to his fight against(…)


Jenelle Evans: ANOTHER Custody Battle with Nathan Griffith?!

Does Jenelle Evans just like fighting over the custody of her children? Because that’s really starting to look like the only logical explanation for what’s happening in her life. Maybe she watched a little too much Maury growing up, you know? (Actually, that could explain a lot of things.) Maybe when she gave up custody of her oldest son(…)