Report: Colin Kaepernick’s legal team requests deposition with Roger Goodell’s wife

The attorneys for Colin Kaepernick have requested depositions with many people in his lawsuit with the NFL. While most of the names are completely expected, one name that stands out is Jane Goodell, the wife of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.It’s easy to understand why many of the other parties have been requested. They include owners(…)

Terrell Owens says he is blackballed from NFL like Colin Kaepernick

Terrell Owens thinks he and Colin Kaepernick have something in common when it comes to their NFL careers.Owens said that he, like Kaepernick, is being blackballed from the NFL because of off-field “politics.”“What’s stopping Colin Kaepernick from being in the league?” Owens asked, via TMZ. “You trying to tell me he can’t play in the(…)