Connie Britton Says ’Nashville’ Cancellation Is ‘the End of an Era’ and ‘Bittersweet’

Thanks for the memories, Nashville! Connie Britton opened up on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Monday, May 16, about the country music drama’s cancellation after four seasons and how the show overlapped with most of her son’s childhood. The actress, who played fading country music star Rayna Jaymes on the … This article originally(…)

Connie Britton Addresses ‘Nashville’ Cancellation, Hayden Panettiere’s Return to Rehab for Postpartum Depression

For Nashville fans, news of the beloved ABC series’ cancellation could easily inspire the saddest of country songs. However, Connie Britton (who plays singer Rayna Jaymes) is looking back at her time on the show with a smile on her face. “You know, I was not necessarily surprised," the actress, 49, told This article originally(…)

Connie Britton Says She Won’t Feel Comfortable Filming Nashville After Tennessee’s New ‘Un-American’ Anti-LGBT Laws!

You’re preaching to the choir! If it feel like every single Southern state is currently trying to get away with passing discriminatory Religious Freedom bills… it’s probably because it’s actually happening. Luckily, most of Hollywood is standing up for the LGBT community in its time of need — and you can add one more A-Lister(…)