Former 49ers QB wants team to give Jimmy Garoppolo blank check

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia is a fan of the team’s current signal caller, Jimmy Garoppolo. He previously suggested that the team sign Garoppolo to a five-year deal. Now, in light of Alex Smith’s recent trade to the Washington Redskins (and subsequent extension), Garcia has upped his opinion.Speaking on 95.7’s “The Greg Papa(…)

Taylor Swift Surprises Couple at Their Wedding, Sings ‘Blank Space’

She's the best wedding crasher ever! Taylor Swift surprised a couple at their wedding in New Jersey on Saturday, June 4, and even sang the groom's favorite song at the reception. Max Singer is a huge fan of the "Bad Bloo… This article originally appeared on Taylor Swift Surprises Couple at Their Wedding, Sings(…)