Immigration Hard-Liners Also Mad At Trump’s DACA Decision – For Being Too Soft

WASHINGTON ― While much of America criticized as heartless President Donald Trump’s decision to end protections for people brought to this country illegally as children, one slice of America is angry for the opposite reason: that it took too long and leaves too much wiggle room. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Hurricane Harvey Victims Being Told To File Their Insurance Claims BEFORE Friday — Here’s What You Need To Know!

Hurricane Harvey victims have a tough road ahead of them. And it won’t get much easier, even with insurance. Apparently many lawyers are urging victims to file their homeowners’ insurance claims before Friday, September 1, when a controversial new law goes into effect. Related: How Celebs Are Helping With Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts House Bill(…)

Remember That Conspiracy Theory About Taylor Swift Being A Satanist Clone?

We’re sorry, the old Taylor Swift can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh… Because, according to a wild conspiracy theory, she’s really a clone of Zeena Schreck — former high priestess of the Church of Satan! This gem of a theory surfaced at the height of T.Swift’s 1989-era, with woke internet users picking(…)