Walmart Apologizes for “Back to School” Gun Display

You know, people joke about back-to-school supplies every year. Usually, the joke “back-to-school” item is some sort of alcoholic beverage. (And sometimes it’s not a joke) But we think that we’ve now seen the absolute worst, most tasteless back-to-school advertisement that the world has to offer. As if Walmart needed more bad publicity, after one(…)

Seth Meyers Is Back To Laugh At Donald Trump’s Bad Handshakes & Jr.’s WORSE Legal Defense!

So good to have Seth Meyers back! We haven’t had A Closer Look in so long, we were starting to think we needed glasses! Ha! And in the two weeks Late Night was on hiatus, he missed some major Donald Trump stories. Related: Trump’s Attorney Threatens Stranger: ‘Watch Your Back, Bitch’ Sure, there was that(…)

Amazing News — Donal Logue’s Missing Daughter Jade Is Back Home, Safe And Sound!

This is incredible!!! After much pleading publicly for his daughter Jade‘s safe return home after having gone missing in New York last last month, Gotham actor Donal Logue and everyone else in his circle of family and friends can sleep easier: the 16-year-old is home! Related: Ariana Grande Paid Tribute To The Youngest Victim Of(…)