Miley Cyrus Praises Woody Allen As A Director — ‘He’s Never Fake’

Well, this is disappointing. Despite all the allegations of sexual abuse against Woody Allen by his daughter Dylan Farrow, some celebs continue to work with the director. Related: Miley Defends Her Red Carpet Boycott Miley Cyrus is starring in Allen’s first-ever TV series for Amazon called Crisis in Six Scenes, and she recently praised the(…)

Lily Allen Narrowly Escaped The Umbria Earthquake That Killed Dozens In Italy

Such a horrible disaster! On Wednesday, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck near the town of Umbria, Italy killing at least 159 people, including two babies. More civilians are believed to be trapped under rubble. That same day, Lily Allen revealed on social media that she narrowly escaped the natural disaster when she had to leave the(…)

Marketing Department Priorities Often Differ From CEO’s Agenda, ANA/Booz Allen Hamilton Study Finds

A study by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Booz Allen Hamilton found the corporate marketing function is not aligned with the CEO’s agenda, instead focusing on tactical issues such as maintaining branding guidelines, sharing best practices, and counseling divisions. Further, the joint study revealed that the role of the CMO is poorly defined(…)