Ashley Judd Calls Out ‘Everyday Sexism’ at Airport Security on Facebook Live

Ashley Judd is speaking out against “everyday sexism.” During a recent visit to the airport, the actress, 49, claimed she encountered an airport employee that interacted with her in ways that she considers inappropriate. She took to Facebook Live to send her followers a detailed explanation of the This article originally appeared on Ashley(…)

Airport Security Find MASSIVE Stowaway In Passenger’s Luggage!

Airport scandals have taken a sharp turn!! Officials at Boston’s Logan International Airport reported screening a 20-pound live lobster stowed away in a passenger’s luggage! TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy said the lobster was found Sunday in the passenger’s checked luggage, and is the “largest” he’s ever seen. Related: Dennis Rodman Used The Women’s Restroom At(…)

Dennis Rodman Used The Women’s Restroom At An Airport For Some Reason…

When you gotta go, you gotta go?? On Wednesday night, Dennis Rodman was spotted coming out of the restroom at Long Beach Airport where he rocked out to Staind‘s It’s Been Awhile on a mini-speaker. Related: Dennis Rodman Officially Charged With A Hit-And-Run Sounds (somewhat) normal… right?? WRONG! It turns out the basketball player (for(…)