Farrah Abraham Admits to Forgetting Daughter Sophia In a Store

Usually, when we report on bad parenting from Farrah Abraham, it means something truly appalling and inappropriate took place involving her 8-year-old daughter Sophia. Like the time Farrah talked about Sophia’s future sex tape. Or the time Farrah allowed Sophia to have a Snapchat account, and she predictably wound up chatting with strangers late at(…)


Javi Marroquin on Instagram: Shout Out to Farrah Abraham!

A good number of Teen Mom 2 fans are expressing their displeasure with Javi Marroquin today. Don’t worry, he hasn’t done anything as crazy as entering Kailyn Lowry’s home without permission, but he’s still engaging in some pretty surprising behavior. And it involves frozen yogurt. That’s Javi at a FroCo establishment in Texas’ hipster capital.(…)


Farrah Abraham: Under Fire for Racist Comments on Marriage Boot Camp!

Farrah Abraham has never been the greatest person. She’s actually never really been even an OK person. She says terrible things all the time to everyone — she’s abrasive and rude and she yells and yells and yells. It’s overwhelming. But as bad as Farrah always is, she’s rarely as bad as she was during(…)


Farrah Abraham Gifts Daughter a Golf Cart, a Pony, and More!

Farrah Abraham, Teen Mom and walking, talking cautionary tale, isn’t exactly known for making sense. Really, she’s known for the exact opposite of making sense. She’s rude, offensive, she struggles with communicating even the simplest of ideas. Her body may be a plastic, porn-tastic wonderland, but her brain? There aren’t even words for that nightmarish(…)

Farrah Abraham Calls BS On Amber Portwood’s Teen Mom OG Departure!

And the feud rages on! As we reported, Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood announced on Instagram that she is leaving the hit show due to “lack of respect.” During their recent reunion special, Miz Portwood tried to physically attack her co-star Farrah Abraham after she talked trash about her fiancé Matt Baier. Related: Teen(…)

Amber Portwood Says She’s Leaving ‘Teen Mom OG’ After Fight With Farrah Abraham: ‘The Lack of Respect Is Too Much’

Enough is enough. Amber Portwood announced in an Instagram post on Thursday, December 15, that she's leaving Teen Mom OG. "I'll be leaving #teenmomog sadly," she captioned a cast photo that showed her with Maci This article originally appeared on www.usmagazine.com: Amber Portwood Says She’s Leaving ‘Teen Mom OG’ After Fight With Farrah Abraham: ‘The(…)