Tom Brady has funny response when asked about negativity from media

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady excels at handling criticism from the media.Brady, no matter what type of question he’s asked by reporters, tends to remain unfazed when delivering an answer, and knows exactly what to say. Both he and head coach Bill Belichick are known for being great at answering questions — rather than declining to(…)

Le’Veon Bell disrespects Jaguars in tweet about rematch with Patriots

The Steelers have already defeated the Jaguars — at least as far as running back Le’Veon Bell is concerned.Bell posted a tweet after Saturday’s Titans-Patriots game was in the books, and it can serve as some bulletin-board material for the Jaguars. In it, Bell stated that the Steelers will have rematches in back-to-back weeks, insinuating(…)

Charles Woodson sends ominous message to Raiders about Jon Gruden

Charles Woodson knows what kind of environment Oakland Raiders players will face when practices start under new head coach Jon Gruden. Hint: it’s not going to be easy, and people will lose their jobs if they don’t toe the line.Speaking about his own experience with Gruden, Woodson made it clear that the coach demands nothing(…)

Former Dolphins assistant Chris Foerster speaks out about infamous video

One of the more bizarre incidents of the 2017 NFL season came when Miami Dolphins run game coordinator and offensive line coach Chris Foerster resigned after video of him doing cocaine surfaced. For the first time since the incident, Foerster has spoken out about what happened and where he was at the time.“I was to(…)