Nicki Minaj Nip Slip: Accidentally Posted to Instagram?!

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We all know that Nicki Minaj nip slips are a fairly common sight on social media, so perhaps it’s not surprising that her millions of Instagram followers examine every pic she posts with a magnifying glass.

Nicki Minaj Nip Slip Image

But this time we’re thinking they may have been fooled by an optical illusion. 

Like we said, this wouldn’t be the rapper’s first nip slip.

In fact, it wouldn’t be the first time that Nicki posted a nip slip to Instagram by “accident.”

But after spending more time examining this photo than we care to admit, we’re confident that this pic features at best the a mere outline of areola.

There’s a roundish shadow where a nipple might be, but we can’t help but think there’s some serious wishful thinking at work here.

Knowing how strict the Instagram no-nipple policy is, the fact that the pic is still online several days after it was originally posted is pretty good indication that it doesn’t meet the qualifications for a nip slip.

But hey, if you’re worried that Nicki has lost her risque edge, fear not.

She also posted these:

Nicki Minaj: Lingerie and Donuts

Nicki in Pink

Yeah, if you can ignore the random box of donuts behind her in the one pic, it’s pretty sexy stuff.

Nicki originally tagged her fiance Meek Mill and wrote something about how the pics are “just for him.”

Plenty of fans pointed out how dumb that was because she posted them on IG instead of just sending them to Meek.

So Nicki deleted the caption but kept the pics – which we’re taking as an admission that they’re just a plea for attention.

Never change, Nicki.

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