NaVorro Bowman doesn’t mince words when discussing Roger Goodell

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Outside of maybe a couple unnamed players in the Pacific Northwest, active NFLers have remained somewhat quiet on the topic of Commissioner Roger Goodell.Apparently, Oakland Raiders All-Pro linebacker NaVorro Bowman didn’t get this memo. In talking about Goodell’s absolutely absurd contract demands in extension negotiations, Bowman did not hold back.“In regards to (Goodell’s) contract, I just don’t think that’s respectable. In regards to the players, and just a slap in the face just due to the job that we have,” Bowman said, via ESPN. “It just, it doesn’t make sense, just because he’s the commissioner that he gets to make that much money and it be guaranteed. No player in this league has that opportunity and I feel like we should.”Not a single non-rookie in today’s NFL has a multi-year contract that’s fully guaranteed. Even when it comes to rookies, there is off-set language that could help teams collect on supposed guaranteed cash should said player bomb out.Goodell’s demands reportedly include $ 50 million f
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