Kim Kardashian Naked: A Tantalizing Timeline

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When Kim Kardashian stripped down in order to prove she really is pregnant for a second time, the Internet did not break.

In fact… it pretty much yawned.

That's because we've seen all Kim has to show us at this point. Many times in the past. Many, many, MANY times in the past.

When did Kim Kardashian first go naked? The answer is revealed below.

When will Kim Kardashian stop going naked? Likely when the Internet actually does break for good.

1. Kim Kardashian Superstar, 2007

Kim kardashian superstar 2007
Kim Kardashian will go to her grave claiming she played no role in the release of this sex tape. And we will go to our grave not believing her.

2. Playboy, 2007

Playboy 2007
This is the spread that started it all. Kim held nothing back in stripping all the way down for Playboy in 2007.

3. W Magazine, 2010

W magazine 2010
Kim claimed to have regretted her initial Playboy spread, but she was back in her birthday suit for W Magazine in the fall of 2010.

4. L’Officiel Hommes, 2013

Lofficiel hommes 2013
Kim wasn’t alone for this one. She straddled husband Kanye West for the controversial cover of this L’Officiel Hommes issue.

5. YouTube, 2013

Youtube 2013
Kim Kardashian rode Kanye (and a motorcycle) like the wind, and naked of course, for the rapper’s “Bound 2” music video.

6. British GQ, 2014

British gq 2014
Kim was named Woman of the Year by British GQ in September of 2014. She had to celebrate by taking off her clothes, of course.

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