Kim Kardashian KICKS OUT Kanye After Ellen Debacle?

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These days, we’re hardly fazed by a Kanye West rant.

It’s just sort of like seeing a tree with leaves – it just goes with the territory.

A Wink from Kanye

So when we saw his latest seven-minute word vomit on Ellen, we all enjoyed a hearty chuckle then moved on.

It made about as much sense an an unsolved word scramble, but he basically talked about how he can improve the human race and stop bullying through clothing and can see sounds and something about Picasso and Steve Jobs.

I know, it’s whatever.

But evidently, it was the last straw for Kim Kardashian, who was absolutely “mortified” and threw him out of the house.

“His stuff is being moved back into his Hollywood Hills house,” a source told InTouch.

Kim was allegedly incensed that he would do such a thing to Ellen DeGeneres, who supposedly is a good friend.

“Kim told [Kanye] he owed Ellen a huge apology,” the source said.

“Ellen’s been a good friend to the Kardashians, and Kim thought his behavior was the ultimate insult.”

Yeah, taking up seven minutes of airtime like that is pretty outrageous, but Ellen just seemed to let him ramble, unconcerned about scheduled commercial breaks and advertisers.

It’s almost as if the whole thing was planned.

Call me a skeptic. 

Yesterday, the couple celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary, which Kim commemorated with a throwback photo of her and Kanye on Instagram.

“Happy 2 year anniversary to the love of my life! You make me so happy! I love you so much!!!” she wrote in the caption.

So if she really threw him out, she’s certainly not copping to it on social media. 

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