Joe Thomas critical of NFL over Roger Goodell extension

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Joe Thomas is among the many who are critical of the NFL for its contract extension with Commissioner Roger Goodell.Goodell has been approved by the league’s compensation committee to receive a five-year contract extension that would take him through the 2023 season.Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but some have estimated the contract could be worth around $ 200 million. Consider that Goodell made $ 34 million in 2014 and was seeking $ 50 million per season this time around, and that estimate might not be far off.None of that is sitting well with Cleveland Browns All-Pro left tackle Joe Thomas. He tweeted the following on Wednesday night: It’s hard to argue with Thomas’ logic. And given how despised Goodell is for many, perhaps a change in leadership would have made sense. We know at least one person who was hoping for that.
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