Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Share Throwback Pic from SEVEN Years Ago!

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Audrey Roloff is past her due date. In fact, she could go into labor at any moment. This has to be at the front of Audrey and Jeremy’s minds.

But they’re still taking time to celebrate anniversaries, big and small. Even the anniversary of a photograph being taken — seven years ago.

Jeremy Roloff shared the throwback photo, and what’s shocking about it is that they haven’t changed. … Except for their hair.

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff Embrace

Audrey and Jeremy have really, really good hair. As we’ve mentioned.

We’re so glad that these two have each other.

For one thing, they’re super in love.

Not everyone would be on board to be a reality star, but Audrey signed right up.

Admittedly it helps her business and her heavily Christian blogging, but that’s still an enormous amount of pressure.

We’re talking about a woman who’s been body-shamed for her pregnancy photos, if “body-shamed” is even the right word for it.

But through all of that visibility and backlash and other social pressure from countless stranger they’ll never meet, Audrey and Jeremy are still together.

They go back more than seven years, folks, because this throwback is from before they were even officially dating.

Here’s that throwback photo.

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff, 7 Year Throwback

Do any of you look this unchanged from how you looked seven years ago?

We’ll show you what Jeremy’s caption for this photo was in a moment.

On top of the fact that they look like this photo could have been taken in 2015 instead of in 2010, look at how cozy they look together.

They weren’t quite dating at the time, just documenting their time together — as Jeremy describes below.

Again, look at them now:

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff on Instagram

Jeremy’s hair is in a bun and Audrey’s looks like she takes a little better care of it now.

Here was Jeremy’s caption:

“This is right where Auj and I took our first official photo seven years ago.”

We’re still not over that.

“We weren’t quite dating yet, but I told her I wanted to get a photo of us to document our summer. We were treading lightly, nervous that the wrong word might derail what we had going.”

Clearly, things went well.

“It was brilliant – slow, nerving, exciting, and real – a relationship that was growing it’s roots.”

And look where they are now — married and with a baby on the way!

“I knew I had to get this photo, so I set up my tripod, set the timer, and boom … we timestamped the moment and filed it away unsure of what was to come of us.”

Awwww, remember cameras that weren’t part of your phone! Adorable.

“Now we stand here seven years later taking a similar photo, about to do the same thing with our daughter! #beating50percent #stayingido #journeyofjerandauj”

Roloffs on Father's Day

We’re sure that there will be lots of pictures of their little baby.

(We sure hope so!)

Matt Roloff is certainly excited to meet his second grandbaby, since he’s already such a proud grandpa about his first.

Not every grandparent gets two grandbabies in the same year, you know.

But, any day now — any hours, really — that baby’s coming. We can hardly contain our excitement.

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