Flower Girl

Tried a very low contrast, duo tone combo for this latest digital collage.  I liked the emergence of the face from the background surrounded by flowers.  I usually like the super saturated colors, but this one begged for a light touch. Filed under: collage, digital collage, indie art, Karen Landey Tagged: collage, digital collage, indie(…)


The Forgotten Doughnut Heroines of Wartime

The doughnut– America’s favourite indulgence– has an unexpected heroic history. Despite having been invented in the 1800s, the doughnut wasn’t popularised until WWI, when the ring-shaped pastries brought comfort to thousands of soldiers serving in the trenches during the brutal years far from home. The Salvation Army, a well-known Christian charitable foundation, became the first prominent organisation to(…)


How this Boomer Canadian Couple Traveled the World for a Year

As a solo backpacker, there are are certain areas of travel I’m not yet an expert in. Fortunately, there are plenty of experts in our community who can share their travel experiences! Lately, there’s been a growing trend among boomers taking sabbaticals, early retirements, and buying vans and just saying “Screw it! Let’s go!” when(…)


Headsup: Ingenious

If you enjoy watching brilliant people do brilliant things, one or both of the releases below may be for you: First we have Elementary, the modern-day telling of the story of Sherlock Holmes, a brilliant but flawed detective.  In this Americanized version, Holmes (Johnny Lee Miller) works together with Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) to solve(…)


All Aboard the Perilous Piha Railway

I found an interesting collection of photographs all the way on New Zealand’s side of the internet today. Pictured here is a steam train called the “Sandfly” circa 1915, travelling along what looks like a fun little railway– at first… This is the Piha Tramway, which ran from 1906 -1921, along the Tasman Sea on the North(…)