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Hundreds Of Football Fans Are Protesting The Blacklisting Of Colin Kaepernick In Front Of NFL Headquarters!

Is the NFL blacklisting Colin Kaepernick?? That’s what many believe, and they’re willing to put their money where their mouths are — by boycotting this football season! Over the past few weeks, after it became clear that no team was going to sign the quarterback, who has been out of his San Francisco 49ers contract(…)

Padma Lakshmi Talks Extreme Dieting & Why She’s Changing Because Of How It Affected Her Daughter

You won’t find Padma Lakshmi yo-yo dieting, especially ahead of the Emmys in September. Penning an inspiring essay for the Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, the Top Chef host revealed she’s over getting “red carpet ready,” however that will affect her body! Related: Lena Dunham Gets Support From Padma On The Red Carpet The 46-year-old explained(…)

‘They Were Warned’: Deadpool 2 Performer Says Stunt Coordinators Knew Racer Wasn’t Ready

It’s been just over a week since the tragic death of stuntwoman Joi “S.J.” Harris on the set of Deadpool 2, and investigators are trying to learn how this could have happened. But according to one stunt performer, the answer is simple: she wasn’t being ready. Related: Zazie Beetz Pays Tribute To Her Stuntwoman The(…)

ESPN Stirs More Controversy By Pulling Broadcaster Robert Lee Off UVA Game Because Of His Name & Twitter Has A LOT Of Feelings!

ESPN is facing a PR nightmare! Not long after they came under fire for a controversial fantasy football sketch following the Charlottesville violence, they’re facing way more heat for their latest decision. It’s been revealed the sports network decided to pull broadcaster Robert Lee off the September 2 University of Virginia college football game in(…)